(home is where the herd is)

Every citizen of Ghent knows the sheep who come to the city each Summer to graze alongside the riverbanks of the Leie or Schelde, or around the recreational area De Blaarmeersen. Guided by their shepherd and their dog, they move around, sometimes slowly & steadily, other times a bit more chaotic. They don’t really seem to care about the pace of modern city life or the ‘disturbance’ they cause.

In early spring 2021, I decided I wanted to get to know more about these sheep and visited them at their winter stay. There I found out that, opposed to their overall image, sheep are in fact all very different from each other.

With one sheep in particular, with the number 1394, I even developed a closer connection, so I decided to focus mostly on her with my photography. And 1394 turned out to love the camera. As a result, you see these images of 1394 in her surroundings. First pregnant, later as a new mom of her newborn little lamb.

To give 1394 the proper attention, I also launched SHEEP magazine to display her photogenic qualities and give her some extra ‘glam’.

SHEEP magazine

PS: part of this series is currently exhibited in BARISTA coffee & cake in Ghent (Meerseniersstraat 16, close to Vrijdagmarkt).